9 Cold Weather Golfing Tips

Winter golf may not be a weekly thing in the U.S. – depending on where you live, of course – but where you’re shoveling the driveway one week, you could be on the golf course the next. You’ve got to fight for your right to tee off.

Unless you reside in Phoenix or Miami, we’re not saying it’s going to be especially warm when you hit the links during the winter months. But you can stay warm and actually play a decent round by following some of these tips:

We’ll start with the obvious: layer up. You never know how cold you’re going to feel until you’re out there, so wear plenty and shed as needed. Multiple socks, multiple pants, multiple shirts. Start with something like an Under Armour ColdGear Fitted Long Sleeve Mock, and build on that. If it’s sunny out, make your outer layer dark to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

Under Armour mock

Walk, don’t drive
Sitting in a moving cart with a cold wind whipping across your face isn’t going to make your day any more enjoyable. Grab your clubs, put the bag strap over your shoulder, and lug those things up and down the course yourself. You’ll stay warm with that increased heart rate.

Heated socks
If your feet and hands are cold, so is the rest of your body. You can take care of the feet with SmartWool socks, or battery-heated socks. Or just place a foot warmer in between your first and second layers of socks; that helps to keep it from moving around.

Hand warmers and extra gloves
As for your hands, keep some hand warmers in your pockets so you can keep the feeling in your hands in between shots. They’ll help keep your legs warm, too. You’d also be smart to wear some of FootJoy’s winter gloves while swinging, but also have some ski gloves to wear in between shots.

FootJoy gloves

Hot food and spices
If hand warmers aren’t your thing, maybe potatoes are? Throw some small taters in the microwave and put them in your pockets for extra warmth. You can also arrive armed with chili pepper, ginger or something spicy, and pop some in your mouth for a little rush of heat.

Hot chocolate or coffee
Instead of stocking a cooler with beer, fill a thermo jug with hot chocolate or coffee. Mix in some Bailey’s if you must, but remember, the goal here is to stay warm, not golf with a buzz.

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