9 Birthday Gifts Tiger Woods Could Get Lindsey Vonn

Twenty-nine years ago today, the greatest American skier ever was born in St. Paul, Minn. Now, she’s on the verge of her fourth Olympic team and aiming to defend her downhill gold medal from the 2010 Olympics.

Lindsey Vonn is also dating Tiger Woods, the world’s best golfer. He’s among the richest athletes in the world, so he can easily buy his lady-friend anything she wishes. However, that doesn’t mean he knows what to get her.

Tiger, we’re here to help. Here are nine gifts for Lindsey from which you can choose – cheap, funny or luxurious. Or heck, give ’em all to her:

1) The Practical Joker’s Handbook
She tried and failed to scare Tiger with a live squirrel at the Presidents Cup, so being the good sport that he is, Tiger could give her this book to help her plot out her next attack.

Practical Joker's Handbook

2) “Keep Calm You’re Only 29” iPhone case
Many women freak out when they reach the last year of their 20s. If Lindsey is one such woman, she’d only have to look at her phone to remind her she’s not 30 yet.


3) 29 & Holding T-Shirt
Lindsey’s a powerful woman. She could really make a powerful statement walking around the Masters with this shirt on.


4) Nike FI Impact Women’s Golf Shoes
What woman doesn’t want to spend more time with her boyfriend? That means Lindsey needs to get out on the course more. Because women always need a cute pair of shoes for every occasion, here you go Lindsey. Tiger can get you a deal on some Nikes.


5) Golf lessons from Sean Foley
Lindsey’s competitive, so if she’s going to spend more time on the golf course, she wants to be good. Tiger knows a good swing coach, Sean Foley, and again can get her a good deal.

Tiger Woods Sean Foley Lindsey Vonn

6) Sunday outfit to match Tiger
How cute was it to see Tiger’s daughter, Samantha, walking around the Deutsche Bank Championship that Sunday matching her father in a red top and black bottoms? What if Lindsey got in that as well? Tiger and his ladies in red and black.


7) Broncos playoff tickets
Lindsey may have been born in Minnesota, but she’s spent much of her life in Colorado, thus becoming a fan of the state’s favorite team, the Denver Broncos. She’s been to games before, but never when the team has been this good. Her ski schedule and the team’s schedule overlap quite a bit, but if Tiger can swing a suite for the AFC Championship game in Denver, might Lindsey “need a little rest” that week?

Peyton Manning 600px

8) Rolex Cellini Watch
OK, the previous gifts have been fun and all, and surely Lindsey would appreciate any of them. But we are talking about one of the richest athletes in the world here – who happens to be sponsored by a fine watch company. This Rolex Cellini Cestello watch is gold (like Lindsey’s favorite Olympic medals) and comes covered in diamonds (every girl’s best friend).


9) Post-Olympic vacation in Turkey
Tiger knows Lindsey’s complete focus isn’t on him right now. She’s preparing to come back from a nasty knee injury and build up to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Thus, he could book a vacation for them the last week of February – after, hopefully, she wins a few more medals – in Antalya, Turkey, just quick flight over the Black Sea from Sochi. The Barut Lara Resort Spa & Suites looks nice.


Happy birthday, Lindsey!

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