9 Golfers You Could Dress Like For Halloween

Time is running out. Halloween is on Friday. Maybe you’re going to a party, or taking the kids trick-or-treating, or just going out on the town. Whatever it is you’re doing, you need a costume.

All the good ones have been snatched up from those costume stores that pop up every October, so you might need to head to Goodwill. Or if you get your act together, you can order something online and have it on your doorstep by Friday morning.

But what will you dress as? You need some ideas? How about your favorite golfer?

John Daly

This one is easy. Daly has sported many a different look, but to stand out you should go with this hot pink outfit. Those are “Love Lamp” pants from Loudmouth, shoes from PUMA, and you can get a hot pink polo shirt from anywhere. Just make sure it’s a double-XL and throw a pillow underneath.

Ian Poulter

It doesn’t look like Poulter’s clothing company, IJP Design, makes these gold satin polo shirts anymore, which is a shame. But you might have luck at Goodwill, where you can surely find some brown trousers. As for the hair, this Flair Hair Visor will do the trick.

Miguel Angel Jimenez

If you want to dress up as the most interesting golfer in the world, you won’t be the first. But you can steal your look from these guys: PING hat, yellow yarn for hair, canary yellow sweater, brown slacks, and most importantly, a cigar. You should probably walk around with a glass of wine, too.

Rickie Fowler

We’re not sure these oversized Rickie Fowler hats are on sale anywhere, but look up “Eric Robbins.” He’s the guy who sported one at the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial last year, and he says he’s from Indiana. Maybe you can borrow his. Or just dress head-to-toe in orange.

Billy Horschel

Good luck finding the “Octopus Pants” Horschel sported at the 2013 U.S. Open, but his “Camofrog” pants from this year’s PGA Championship are still available through Ralph Lauren. Pick up a light blue RLX polo shirt as well and you’re set.

Payne Stewart

For a more classic look, go with Payne Stewart. This particular image here is his Chargers look, which he wore when playing near San Diego as part of his endorsement deal with the NFL, but you can just replicate the colors. You can find your whole Payne-inspired outfit at GolfKnickers.com.

Tiger Woods

Tiger woods mask

Dressing in a red Nike polo and black pants is too easy. But to take the look to another level and get this Tiger Woods mask as well.

Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore 600

Don’t want to dress as a real golfer, but rather a fictional one? How about Happy Gilmore? Here’s your Boston Bruins jersey, here are your baggy blue sweatpants, and your cheap all black hightops are either already in your closet or at Payless.

Al Czervik

Al Czervik costume

More of a “Caddyshack” guy than a “Happy Gilmore” fan? We’ve got a splendid “Al Czervik” kit for you: the rainbow-striped jacket, solid green polo, red slacks, white belt, and white cap. It doesn’t come with shoes, but these FootJoys look the part.

Happy Halloween!


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