9 Hilariously Bad Golf Product Ads

Every golfer and their mom want to improve their golf game, and seemingly every golf product out there has a fix. But not every invention is going to work for every player, and honestly, some products are just plain bad.

And bad oftentimes means funny, which can lead to ads so bad they’re funny. Here’s a look at our favorite awful golf ads, with either the product being bad or the production of the commercial being bad, or both:

UroClub – “The only club in your bag guaranteed to keep you out of the woods,” and using it doesn’t look suspicious at all.

Potty Putter – “The amazing new toilet time golf game,” because putting while sitting is exactly how you putt on the course.

Hammer Putter – “All putters have been designed incorrectly… not anymore,” because this is the first time actual hammer heads have been used.

CardioGolf – “Better conditioning. Better focus. Better golf.” And you better not overdo it.

Check-Go – “How horrifying is that, that you could make a great stroke and it could still miss?” Probably the most horrifying thing in the world.

SwayAway – “Helps reduce swaying and sliding, and promotes power and consistency.” Just ignore the fact that swaying and sliding is really all in the hips.

EZ Par – “Cleaner clubs mean better golf.” Now that’s revolutionary.

EZee Golf – “It allows the non-golfer to play golf immediately,” without even swinging a club.

Hammer X – “The next revolution in driver technology,” but it’ll only work if you scream while hitting every shot.

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