9 Things Billy Horschel Could Buy With His $13 Million

You might say Billy Horschel is having a good week. For winning the Tour Championship on Sunday, he collected a $1.44 million winner’s check, and the victory also assured him the overall FedExCup, which comes with a nice $10 million bonus.

Then, just hours after arriving back home in Jacksonville from Atlanta, the 27-year-old’s wife, Brittany, went into labor with their first child early Tuesday morning:

That means the Horschels jumped up a tax bracket or two and became parents all in a matter of days. We’d say that’s reason for Papa Billy to go out and splurge on a few things for himself.

All in all, Horschel earned $14.8 million this season (not including endorsements). But the PGA Tour puts $1 million of that FedExCup bonus into a retirement account, so he really “only” has $13.8 million to work with. And he should probably put another chunk of that away for the future. So for the purposes of this shopping spree, let’s round down to an even $13 million.

Here are 9 things he could buy to use up nearly every penny:

Cigars for everyone at The Swamp – $88,548
Among the first things a new father is to do is smoke cigars with his buddies, right? Well, Horschel could easily buy the world’s most expensive cigar ($1,000 each) for all 88,548 people at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, also known as The Swamp, where the University of Florida football team plies its trade. Horschel is a proud Florida alum, and would surely receive a rousing round of applause after doing the gator chomp in Georgia country.

Gator season tickets – $12,000/year
Being the ardent Gator backer he is, Horschel could buy season tickets at the 50-yard line for $1,000 per seat. He’d get at least two seats, and there are at least six home games a year. So that’s $12k per year. If he attends for the next, say, 60 years, that’s only $720,000. Easy choice.

BMW i8 – $135,700
How is Horschel going to get to those football games? His brand-new BMW, of course. He may or may not be a BMW guy, but he should be now after winning the BMW Championship a couple weeks ago. The sweetest sports car on offer is the BMW i8: zero to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and an MSRP of $135,700.

Private helicopter – $7.9 million
Then again, UF is in Gainesville, which is 70 miles from Horschel’s home in Jacksonville. It would be easier to fly. Private luxury jets are pretty pricey, so he might need to win another FedExCup before he splurges for his own plane, but a helicopter is doable. Even this 16-passenger Eurocopter for $7.9 million. You’ve heard of a party bus – Horschel brings you the party copter.


(Photo courtesy of Refinedguy.com)

Monterey vacation home – $4.5 million
Horschel says his favorite city to visit is Monterey, Calif., just a hop, skip and a jump away from Pebble Beach. So rather than renting a house or finding a hotel, why not buy a vacation home there? A Mediterranean gem is on the market for $4.5 million with three bedrooms, a wine cellar, a workout/massage room, and panoramic views of the ocean. If three bedrooms aren’t enough, there’s also a two-bedroom guest house.


(Photo courtesy of Zillow)

Royal Caribbean cruise – $25,000
Speaking of vacations, after his hectic month and the birth of his first child, Horschel could probably use one – and bring his girls, of course. The family of three could hop on Royal Caribbean’s Allure Of The Seas ship out of Fort Lauderdale and stay in a Royal Loft Suite with Balcony for a seven-night western Caribbean cruise. That would come to a total of nearly $25k.

Ponte Vedra Country Club membership – $2,880/year
After winning the FedExCup, Horschel mentioned how he wasn’t a country club kid like many of his peers; his was a blue collar family. Well, he can now buy a country club membership for his entire extended family if he wanted to. At the Ponte Vedra Golf & Country Club near his home, a full membership for his family is $240 a month.

Ponta Vedra CC

(Photo courtesy of Ponte Vedra Golf & Country Club)

Pennwick custom golf cart – $20,500
Now, we know very little about the Ponte Vedra Golf & Country Club. Do they allow carts on the golf course? If so, what about personal carts? If so, Horschel needs to ride around in this F5 Sports Car golf cart from Pennwick. It’s modeled after a “classic Italian sports car” – the Ferrari Enzo, perhaps? – and comes at a base price of $20,500. And they do custom colors, so surely Horschel’s would come in Gator orange.

Tiffany & Co. Diamond Necklace and Bracelet – $295,000
OK, so if you’re keeping track at home, Horschel has now spent roughly $12,685,000. That leaves him more than $300k. What to do? If he’s smart, buy something for his wife. Sure, he’s bought a new vacation home and taken the family on a cruise and provided a way to fly anywhere, but she just endured labor! Get that woman a push present. Or two. Ladies love Tiffany’s, so Brittany would be thrilled with this Tiffany Circlet diamond necklace and a nice Black Onyx Floral Bracelet to go with it.



(Photos courtesy of Tiffany & Co.)

Not a bad way to cap off a life-changing year.

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