90-Year-Old Golfer Drowns Attempting To Retrieve Ball

A family is mourning the death of a loved one in Upstate New York this weekend as a 90-year-old golfer tragically drowned in a golf course pond on Thursday.

According to Syracuse.com, a 90-year-old Fayetteville golfer drowned while attempting to retrieve his golf ball from a water hazard at Rogues Roost Golf Course in Madison County.

The golfer, Alan J. Goldberg, lost his balance and fell into a pond filled with about 8 feet of murky water, according to New York State Police. 

The incident happened around 11:30 a.m.

Evidence shows that Goldberg’s drowning was accidental. An autopsy is scheduled to determine the official cause of death.

Goldberg was a lawyer at the Sugarman Law Firm in Syracuse.

This is the second such story of a golfer drowning while attempting to retrieve a golf ball in the past few months.

In March, Hermilo Jazmines, 74, was playing golf with a friend at the East Lake Woodlands Country Club in Oldsmar, about 20 miles northwest of Tampa, Florida when he went missing after teeing off on the third hole.

Jazmines’ golf cart and putter were found abandoned near the pond, and after a search of the area by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the dive team responded and located Jazmines submerged in the water near his putter.