95-Foot Court Putt Earns College Student $15,000

Pro golfers win cars every year. Make an ace on a particular hole and a new ride could be your prize. As if pro golfers, many of whom earn six- or seven-figure incomes, really need a new car.

Most college students, on the other hand, make four- or five-figure incomes (if they have a job) and drive cars that are sometimes as old as they are. These are people who could use a little help getting from point A to point B.

We wish there were more stories like Patrick Burch’s. The Auburn University student was picked for a putting contest during the Auburn-Mississippi State men’s basketball game. If he could send a golf ball through a hole on the other end of the court – so nail a 95-foot putt – a local car dealer would give him $15,000 toward a new car.

Burch drilled it.

Jason Dufner, one of Auburn’s biggest backers, was working over the weekend (a 2-over-par T-65 finish at the Northern Trust Open in Los Angeles), otherwise we might have seen a celebration similar to that of LeBron James last year.

Right? I mean, Dufner and LeBron are like mirror images when it comes to personality, don’t you think?

h/t Bleacher Report

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