Actor Bombarded Following Adam Scott’s PGA Run

Sharing a name with a professional golfer can be a really good thing — as we found out last week when the other Tommy Fleetwood found $154,000 in his bank account — or it can be a nuisance, as actor Adam Scott knows all too well.

Scott, the actor, is very accomplished in his own field of work, but whenever something happens like what the golfer Adam Scott was doing at Bellerive Country Club during the PGA Championship, there is some crossover.

On Sunday in St. Louis, Adam Scott the golfer was vying for his second major championship and first PGA Tour win in more than two years. Adam Scott the actor was not, but he knew there was something going on.

How did the Parks & Rec and Step Brothers actor know something was going on? He probably found out when he opened his social media accounts to an inordinate amount of mentions about holding a share of the lead in a major, choking down the stretch or, what could be interpreted as particularly confusing, cheating with a long putter. 

In reality, it’s probably not that big of a deal for the actor or the golfer. They’re both pretty set and successful, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this clip from Conan that aired shortly after Adam Scott’s (the golfer) triumph at Augusta.