Watch: Florida Gator Eats Golf Ball


Alligators are an all too familiar sight on Florida golf courses. While the general rule of thumb is to stay away, some folks just can’t help themselves from getting up close and personal to the dinosaur-like creatures. One such fellow is Daniel McNamara who recorded this frightening video when he and his partner were playing the third hole at Long Marsh golf course this past weekend at Rotunda West in Florida.


Whether or not the ball hitting the gator in the head was intentional or if it truly was a wayward shot, the fact is what transpired after was something that you would see on Planet Earth. Instead of turning its tail and heading back into the water, the alligator stared at it for a few seconds, then made the executive decision to make it its lunch before backing up into the water. Maybe the gator thought it was some sort of bird egg, or maybe it wanted to send a warning to these folks to stay back. Either way, it’s one of wildest videos gator videos we’ve seen to date. Hopefully, they decided to take a drop!

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