Another Video Of That Giant Florida Alligator Surfaces

Remember that giant alligator that was making the rounds last week at a Florida golf course? He’s real and he’s spectacular.

The Internet has made skeptics out of everyone, so the good people at PolitiFact Florida traveled to Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Palmetto, Fla. to see for themselves if the gator estimated to be around 15-feet long was actually real. 

The PolitiFact folks were unable to capture a glimpse of the gator as they traversed the property with Pope Golf regional manager Ken Powell, but Powell shared another video with them to prove that the gator is, in fact, real.

As the PolitiFact article points out, the cart path is six feet wide, which is roughly a foot shorter than the gator’s tail.

It was probably best they didn’t get any closer. 

[h.t PolitiFact Floirda,]


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