Ask Ali: Richard Branson Makes The Friendly Skies Friendlier

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Sir Richard Branson, the British business mogul and owner of the posh Virgin America Airlines, has set out to make the friendly skies even friendlier.

The airline has launched a new service that allows passengers to send a drink to someone on the plane who has caught their eye. The perks of flying Virgin are no longer limited to television viewing, exceptional mood lighting and attractive flight attendants. Anyone can partake in this latest offering; it is done through the plane’s in-flight entertainment system right in the comfort of your own seat. So sly!

Passengers can locate their person of interest with Virgin’s digital seat map, browse the beverage/food menu and have a drink, snack or meal sent over. You can even follow up with a text message through the seat-to-seat messaging system. What a fantastic idea, and not to mention a great way to pass the time on those cross-country flights.

The service is available on all of Virgin’s U.S.-bound flights. Branson claims in a recently released video introducing the new feature that the chances of deplaning with a date are at least 50 percent. So the next time your travels have you flying Virgin, don’t be afraid to send over that cheese plate — hopefully the person is not lactose intolerant.

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