Ask Ali:~Dating Madness

It’s time for madness — March Madness!

I am more of a bandwagon bracket-baller myself, but I still enjoy getting into the spirit of college hoops. I have been known to predict who’s going to the big dance based on their cute mascot. Have you seen the adorable tree Stanford has? And lets not leave out Puddles the Oregon Duck!

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AskAliB9N: My boyfriend loves his alma mater (I went to a different college) and I could care less about sports (he’s a total nut). He wants me to “show school pride” in his college team and urges me to wear the team apparel. Do I have to? 

Yes! If he’s a fanatic and you could careless give the guy this one. Put on a cute team hoodie and rock it with a pair of your favorite jeans. He’ll be beaming with pride from ear to ear! 

It doesn’t sound like he’s asking you to go full-blown fan here and get body painted or matching tattoos. If you don’t wanna shell out any cash to sport the team gear then suck it up and at least wear the team colors in support. At least make an effort here and show your man you are on HIS team. And the next time he doesn’t want to see that new rom-com that just hit theaters, playfully remind him of your enthusiastic hours spent cheering on his team. Break out the pom-poms, sweetie! 

AskAliB9N: I recently got back out there on the dating scene after being married for nine years and having been divorced for two years. I have been on several dates and all the women say they are looking for a guy with confidence. How do I appear confident without seeming cocky? 

There is that fine line between confident and cocky, and I understand your desire to come off as the former not the latter.

I think it has to do with keeping it real by being yourself completely. Don’t feel like you need to brag about your job, money or how desirable on paper you are. Your confidence will come through naturally without having to boast about your personal accolades. I would keep it humble and honest when talking about yourself. As you get to know someone let them discover all your fabulousness on their own. Ask them questions about their interests etc and try not to talk too much about yourself.

Being a good listener is a very desirable trait, so make sure your attention is focused on her and stay all ears. If you are too busy talking yourself up she will be turned off and you will have come off as too self involved.