Ask Ali:~Girl’s Got Game

What a week! Super Bowl Sunday and great golf at the Phoenix Open. Let’s just say if you aren’t pumped up for all the fun festivities, chances are you might be a big stick in the mud!

I’m in New Orleans, and I can hardly wait to take in all the pandemonium NOLA has to offer. First stop, Super Bowl Boulevard for some gumbo and amazing fan spectating. I’m impartial since my team did not make it to the big show (this year) but I am on the look out for the best fan attire. Hopefully I will have some great pics to share next week.

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AskAliB9N: I’m dating a girl who was on the golf team in college and is a much better golfer than me. How do I deal?

I think this is actually a positive! Think of all the fun you can have with her talents. Don’t tell your buddies just yet; play a round of golf with her and have her hustle your friends.

Could seriously be a blast! Not to mention that on the weekends you won’t ever have to feel guilty about wanting to go play golf because she’ll already be on board to show you up or give you some pointers out there.

I think you should embrace this and take pride in it. Accept that you will probably never out play her or else get out now. This is not a situation where you can allow your pride to take over. If you can’t hang then walk away now. I personally think it’s sexy and impressive that she is so athletic, and you shouldn’t let this be a deal breaker. If you ask me, you are one lucky guy… who might improve his own game as a result of this courtship as well.

AskAliB9N: I think I may have been friend-zoned by the girl I like, and I was wondering what the tell-tale signs are from your perspective?

Oh no, the dreaded friend-zone (sigh). I have been on both sides of that fence. Therefore I am well aware of the signals she may be giving off intentionally or unintentionally.

What is her body language telling you? Does she give off that vibe that translates to kiss me already, or do you high-five or hug at the end of the night? Obviously the later two are not ideal but maybe she’s just old-fashioned or shy.

When you go to the movies does she keep the cup holder and arm rest down, or does she put it up for maximum comfort and closeness? Does she bring up other girls in front of you? Careful there: This could be a tactic to find out where you two stand which is presented in the form of trickery. Always remember girls are rather tricky.

There are so many subtle hints she might be dropping but, bear in mind, you could also be misreading them. I think you should play it cool (if you can stand it) for another few weeks and if she starts to talk about other guys with you then you know you are a Friend with a capital “F.”

If you still haven’t figured it out (maybe she’s sending mixed messages) then maybe it’s time to have that little chat. Just ask her if you are just simply friends and let her know how you feel. Friend-zone or no friend-zone it will be good to be on the same page. Things could always change (not give you false hope) but you just never know. At least you have a good friend you enjoy spending time with after all.