Ask Ali:~Going The Distance

A few nights ago I couldn’t sleep, but luckily for my viewing pleasure, “He’s Just Not That Into You” was on TV. I always liked this romantic comedy (Big surprise, right? A girl likes a movie from this genre. Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansson appearing didn’t hurt either).

I mainly appreciated this flick because it drives homes the point plain and simple: He’s just not that into you. I only wish it would resonate.

It’s far too common to hear of guys or gals just not getting it. I have been there and understand that sometimes it’s just more comforting to make up a ton of excuses as to why they didn’t call. But it’s pretty easy to figure out: he or she is just not that into you. If someone really cares they will follow through; you will be on their mind and no matter how busy their schedule is, they will make time for you.

If you are into someone and they aren’t as responsive as you would like, do yourself a favor and chalk it up to him or her just not being that into it. Then go out and meet someone who is super into you. Trust me, it’s a lot more enjoyable!

AskAliB9N: I am in a long-distance relationship and was wondering, how often should we see each other to make it last?

That’s a question only you can answer. It’s between you and your significant other to decide how often you need to see each other in order to maintain a healthy relationship. But I can say that having a discussion with him or her to gauge how he or she feels about this is extremely important.

The two of you need to decide how long is too long in terms of time spent away from each other. And once you reach that agreement, you need to do your best to not let too much time apart pass that mark. Also keep in mind that you need to be flexible with your time. Accept that things come up and could prevent you from spending time together, but this is what comes with a long-distance relationship.

My best advice would be to always communicate to the other person how you are feeling about the distance and make sure it isn’t taking a toll both of you. As long as you are both willing to put in the effort, you can make it work. Good luck and rack up those airline miles!

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