Ask Ali:~Lots of Love

I can’t believe it’s February already! And with Valentine’s Day next week, I feel some good, solid love and V-day advice is in order.

I should know; after all, I have had some amazing Valentine’s. For instance, when I was single, I went to see the Justin Bieber movie in 3-D (after I consumed lots of wine, of course) and, last year, my hubby and I just got room service while in Vegas.

But there has also been some not-so-great Valentine’s memories, like when I had to interview Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montague during their 15 minutes of fame for “Extra!” Watching them proclaim their love for one another while swapping spit was something I’d rather not relive, but, hey, love is love.

This year I’m content with no matter what unfolds; I’m loved and am full of love!

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AskAliB9N: I’m single this Valentines Day, but I do have a crush on a woman from my office. Should I ask her out for V-day?
I’m sure you have already thought this through, but first make sure your company doesn’t have a policy against inter-office fraternization. I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble or for things to get awkward if this doesn’t go according to plan. It’s not worth jeopardizing your job credibility until you know if she’s even interested and you aren’t breaking any work policies.

If you are good to go, then I would approach the V-day invitation very casually. You don’t wanna overdo it with too many cliched corny boxes of chocolate and bouquets of red roses. Just simply ask her if she’s free and if she’d like to join you for dinner/drinks.

It is going to be nuts on Valentine’s Day and tough to get a reservation, so I’d think outside the box from the typical romantic fare. This way you are able to actually get a reservation, since it is typically one of the busiest nights for restaurants. And you also don’t wanna go too big on a first date anyhow.

Try a cool tapas bar or something low-key to down play the over the top romantic holiday. Remember to leave the stuffed animal bear or heart-shaped butterfly balloon at home (one single rose is thoughtful or a small box of chocolates preferably Godiva-just looking out). But do make sure you go for ice cream at the end of the date.This is when you can show your sweetest sweet side. Enjoy!

AskAliB9N: What should I get my boyfriend of two years for Valentine’s Day? He’s impossible to buy for!
I say go the thoughtful route here. Offer to make him dinner and buy a nice bottle of wine. I like a Silver Oak Merlot but it just depends on what he likes to drink and what compliments your culinary creations.

Get creative here in both the menu and presentation. I’ve seen heart-shaped tortellini, or you could make a heart-shaped pizza complete with heart-shaped pepperonis. Chocolate fondue is also a fun dessert that’s pretty effortless if you aren’t yet Rachael Ray.

Put your crafty skills to use and set the table with a V-day theme but don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money on crystal candelabras and place settings, etc. There are websites like Pinterest that offer easy how to’s for heart garland and other V-day-inspired decor. After all, if you ask me, he should be the one decorating the bedroom with rose petals so don’t break the bank here. It’s more of the thought that counts.

You could also make a playlist of your favorite tunes to have on while dinner is enjoyed. Pick out a nice card for him, or write your own silly poem if you feel up to professing your love in a playful manner. A nice gift could be a new golf shirt or golf gloves. (Or a sweet new pair of Oakley Lighter Lower Louder golf shoes if you really wanna go all out here.)

This way, next time he’s out there on the course he’ll be thinking of your sweet V-day generosity. Happy Valentine’s Day!