Assistant Club Pro Gets Epic Tiger Masters Tattoo

Tiger Woods’ victory at The Masters this year is still setting in on the 15-time major champion, but something just as permanent is setting in on an assistant club professional in Alberta, Canada.

Michael Nutt, the assistant pro at Kananaskis Country Golf Course, made a pledge on Twitter during the final round that if Woods went on to win the Masters, he would get a Tiger tattoo.

We know what the rest of the day had in store for Woods as he came from behind for the first time in his career to win a major championship, but we didn’t know what would happen for Nutt. 

There have been plenty of promises made and broken on social media, but Nutt wasn’t going to shrink behind his promise. After the final putt dropped, he once again took to social media to look for good tattoo parlor recommendations in Calgary. 

And just over a week later, Nutt made the big reveal — a full-calf-sized recreation of Woods’ iconic winning celebration.

The only thing left for Nutt to do is get to work on Phil Mickelson’s “Phil Kwan Do Calves” series to make his Tiger tattoo pop a little more.