Atlanta Mansion with Baseball Field Backyard

Yahoo! For Sale: Atlanta Mansion featuring its own full-sized baseball diamond – This begs the question; what’s the best backyard a man could ask for?

So apparently $9.7 million will get you that ridiculous mansion with a full-sized baseball field in the backyard. Yeah, it seems pretty cool in theory but, there are definitely some downsides to having a baseball field. The first thing that popped into my head was where am I going to find like 20 people to play baseball with? I’m one of the biggest baseball fans out there. I played it almost my entire life. But you know what sucks about baseball? You can’t play alone. How many people do you know that you could call up and be like, “Yo, wanna come over and play baseball for like 4 hours? We have 5, we just need like 10 more dudes and we’re good to go!” Not the most practical of ways to have fun. Granted, if you actually have enough guys to make it happen on a regular basis, the baseball field is a pretty sick backyard but, I just think it’s a bit of a reach. Other than home run derby, which would be awesome, I want a backyard that me and 5 or 6 buddies can enjoy. Not 20. 

So, what’s the best sporting complex to have in your backyard? Obviously, having a golf course in your backyard would be incredible. But, unless you live in a climate friendly place, you’re not getting a full year’s worth of use out of it. In my humble opinion, I think the only correct answer is to have an all-purpose dome in your backyard. If you have enough money to buy a 10 million dollar mansion then you certainly can afford to put a dome in your backyard. Equip it with a basketball court, batting cages, golf simulator, mini golf course, tennis courts, weight room, and, of course, a full bar for the after workout stuff. The only way that the backyard dome could be improved would be if you lived within walking distance of a beach. So, as cool as it sounds to have a baseball field in your backyard, I’d take that $10 million and turn my backyard into my own sports utopia.