Automated Traveling Luxury Box for Golf Tournaments?

Coming soon to an amusement park, city center, college campus – or maybe a golf course – near you: the Induct Navia. Or if you have an extra $250,000 lying around, it could be yours.

The Navia is the world’s first commercially-available vehicle that doesn’t need a driver. It’s completely electric, navigates roads with the help of GPS and lasers, and can carry eight passengers up to 12 miles per hour. Just input your directions on the touchpad, sit back and relax.

Maybe this could have been of use this week at the PGA Merchandise Show? Hop in the Navia to take you from the entrance to the back of the Orange County Convention Center.

Maybe it could serve as a sort of traveling luxury box at golf tournaments? You don’t want to just sit in the shade and watch players come through the one particular hole by which you’re positioned; you want to follow the best players. Program this puppy to follow Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson around Augusta National. Bring a cooler and a snack tray along for the ride.

Maybe one day it’ll replace golf carts at golf courses? It already looks like one, and imagine the focus you’d have if you didn’t have to worry about driving the cart between shots.

A bit of a stretch? Probably so. But that traveling luxury box is a fantastic idea.

h/t Business Insider

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