Avoid Dinner Lines In Augusta With A New App

This morning when I saw Dustin Johnson’s Tweet wondering what Bubba Watson would be serving up for “us” at the Champions Dinner, I felt that twinge of embarrassment you feel for someone right after you see them trip on the sidewalk. Then I remembered he is still dating Paulina Gretzky and no one is feeling sorry for him about anything. Ever.

The Champions Dinner is the most exclusive ticket in town during Masters week. You can’t buy a seat. You can’t talk your way into one, or even show a little boob to get a spot at the table. You either earn your green jacket at the Masters to get in or you’re an honorary member from Augusta National. That’s it. No exceptions. Not even if you’re dating someone with a butt that may or may not have been computer generated. Sorry, DJ.

The rest of us plebeians have to try to muscle our way into the restaurants across town. There are no green jackets here. Only matted hair, limp golf shirts and plastic vendor bags. Depending on what kind of scene you’re looking for, be prepared for indecently long lines. But if you don’t want to waste your time waiting in line …

There’s an app for that.

NoWait Host App: How It Works from NoWait on Vimeo.

I’m sorry, but there was no better way to say it.

It’s called NoWait and so far, nearly 60 restaurants have signed up for the service. Here’s how it works: restaurants download the app, you log on to their Web site and you can see where you are in line. So instead of waiting, you can do other, more productive things — like ordering that fourth gin and tonic and talking to the pharmacist about what sun poisoning looks like and if it’s possible to get it all the way up there. Or if you’re lucky, eating somewhere else.

This is the first year that Augusta is trying it out for Masters week. And in a town of traditions, I’m sure that if it’s a success, NoWait will become one of them.