15 Legendary Caddyshack GIFs

In addition to being one of the best sports movies of all time, “Caddyshack” also provided golf fans a plethora of memorable moments that will live on forever. As the brainchild of masterminds like late director Harold Ramis, comedic legends Bill Murray and Chevy Chase, these scenes and one-liners can be heard at golf courses and at 19th holes all around the world.

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite Internet GIFs depicting famous (and infamous) scenes from “Caddyshack” in hilarious fashion.

Our list is certainly not comprehensive, so if you know of a GIF or photo on the ‘net that we may have missed, be sure to hit us up on Facebook or Twitter with a link!

Now, without further adieu, it’s the Snobs versus the Slobs… in GIF form.

Let’s Dance!

Al Czervik’s impromptu dance party on the fairway is always good for a laugh.


Drinking Problem

Ty Webb impresses Lacy Underall by doing the salt, lime and tequila shot trifecta. Apparently we have been doing it wrong all along.



Ty Webb’s famous “smoke through the teeth” scene showed young men everywhere exactly how to impress the ladies. And have poor dental hygiene. 


Cinderella Story

Carl Spackler having a little “pretend time” with the mums in front of Bushwood Country Club. IT’S IN THE HOLE!


Gopher Hunting

Here we have Carl explaining how he has to look like a gopher in order to defeat the gopher. Makes sense to me.


Wait Up Girls

Carl has an affinity for some of the older ladies at Bushwood. He also really likes that ball washer.


So I’ve Got That Going For Me…

No Respect

One of my favorite scenes in the movie depicts an unsuspecting fisherman reacting before Rodney Dangerfield splits his boat with his speeding yacht. Classic.


I’m All Right

The gopher dance is without a doubt the most famous scene in the film.


Judge Smails

Judge Smails’ pre-shot routine is about as funny as it gets. I’m sure I’ve seen this before in real life.


Ball Control

Judge Smails taking a shot to the pills after hitting a ball off a tree. Can we get a closer look at that?


Perfect!  Thanks Internet!


Best Round Of His Life 

Here we have the priest getting struck by lightning moments after missing a birdie putt for his greatest round ever. We’ve all been there before, right?



Finally, we’ve got Spaulding Smails puking into a car moments after swallowing a cigarette butt floating in a drink. One of the movie’s funniest scenes.


Photo Gallery: Bill Murray, Clown Prince of Golf


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