‘Be The Ball’ Could Feature McIlroy & Murray… If Funded

Bobby Jones once said “competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course … the space between your ears.” And guess what? He’s right.

Having the correct mindset when on the course is an extremely important part of playing well. The game is mostly mental, and while having physical ability is obviously important, preparation and visualizing shots is the key. Just ask any tour player — they all visualize the shot before hitting it. But what really goes through the minds of golfers when they’re playing? Sure, we can go by what they say … still, it’s hard to know. 

In an attempt to dig deeper into the mysterious place that is the mind of a golfer, film director Erik Anders Lang is making a documentary featuring some A-list names — but he needs your help.

Lang started a campaign on Indiegogo to fund a golf documentary, “Be The Ball,” hoping to raise enough money to pull of something extraordinary. In order to create this film, Lang will bring a group of golfers to a retreat where “they’ll be taught exactly how to access the thoughtless state that elite athletes call ‘the zone’.”

The video below gives his explanation of the film, which contains “the greatest sports experiment that’s ever been conducted on planet Earth.” 

After the experiment has been completed, the players will go back to doing what they do best: playing golf. Results will be recorded and examined in order to come to an epic conclusion about the intricate puzzle that is the human brain. 

Incredibly, golfers and celebrities such as Rory McIlroy, Bill Murray, Kelly Slater and Sean Foley offer details of their games in the film. Murray is known to be tough to track down, but Lang was able to. The story of how he did is both hilarious and awesome. Here’s how he told it to TheWrap:

“I knew he’d be playing in a tournament in Pebble Beach, so I decided to go up there and follow him with a camera crew for a few days. And in the media tent on the last day, I asked him for an interview and promised I’d ask easy questions, and he agreed. So we get the camera set up and start rolling and as soon as I ask my first question, someone calls his name and he walks away for 30 minutes. But he came back and we did a 17-minute interview.”

The documentary looks great and we’re hoping it comes to fruition, but that’s a huge challenge in and of itself. Especially since Lang is planning to film in the U.S., Scotland, India, and Japan.

The goal for the campaign is $170,000 which is just part of the total budget for the documentary. After just a few days, $18,080 has been pledged by 117 funders, with one person putting up $10,000 to become a co-executive producer. 

That’s not to say you have to pledge $10,000 or anywhere close to that; there are plenty of less expensive options to support the project, and you’ll get some kind of reward for every dollar you give.

The funding period runs until Dec. 18, so there’s still plenty of time for the documentary to reach its goal. Let’s hope it does just that, because who doesn’t want to see a film with Bill Murray and Rory McIlroy in it? (We’re still holding out hope for “Space Jam 2” though.)

I’d imagine it’d look something like this:


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