Beef Gives Free Lessons From London Pub

Andrew “Beef” Johnston has become a cult icon in the golf world in just a matter of months partly because he’s had a decent season (including a win), but mainly because his nickname is Beef and he’s got the personality to back it up.

He continues to light the social media game on fire with a new Facebook Live interview presented by Golf Digest where he gave free lessons while drinking beers in a pub in London.

Beef answers questions such as how to fix chipping yips, slice cures for the average golfer and who is the best wedge player he’s ever seen.

This has to be a first. It’s one thing to sit down, have a pint and talk. It’s total different to stand up and demonstrate proper technique with a club after clearing stools away from the front of the bar. Legend!

Keep doing your thing, Beef. Cheers!

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[Golf Digest]


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