Golf-Inspired Beer Gaining Popularity

When it comes to enjoying my favorite pastimes on the weekend, nothing helps me relax more than playing golf and drinking an ice-cold adult beverage. Luckily, Triple Bogey Brewing & Golf Co. has me covered.

Founded in July 2013 as the brainchild of Geoff Tait, a 35-year-old up-and-coming beer brewer, Triple Bogey Brewing & Golf Co. had a lofty goal of competing in an already saturated alcoholic beverage market. He currently makes one product at his brewery: a golf-themed blonde lager.


Demand for the beer has been on the rise, according to a recent report. Over 75 courses in the Ontario, Canada, area have agreed to either pour Triple Bogey at their bars or sell bottles of the beer to patrons. Triple Bogey has also spread out into mainstream dining establishments around Canada.

While Triple Bogey is not yet available in the United States, Tait told The Globe and Mail that he has received inquiries from many states including North Carolina and Florida. There are even plans to have the beer available at Pinehurst before this year’s U.S. Open championships.

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