Behind the Scenes:~Peter Millar Spring Photo Shoot

I have always been a huge fan of Peter Millar. It is my shirt and sweater of choice for the men in my life. One of the most popular trends in the fashion industry in the past few years has been brand generated content. I am excited to see that Peter Millar has caught onto the trend! Video is a great way, for luxury brands especially, to show off superior quality, design and beautiful craftsmanship while also informing customers about a brand’s history and legacy

Peter Millar’s brand DNA video is no exception. It shows the beauty of the clothes and also sells the story of Peter Millar. It’s fun to see what happens behind the scenes of a look book / marketing campaign photo shoot – and Peter Millar put it together so beautifully. I love the black and white intro, the music and was excited to see some more of their women’s collection, which appears to be coming along very nicely! My picks would be the bright pink polo and sweater for men and the awesome striped colored ties. For women, I love the two tone purple shoes with matching belt.

Peter Millar Spring 2012 – Behind the Scenes from Peter Millar on Vimeo.