Behold! The 100 MPH Golf Cart!

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When I worked at a country club in my hometown growing up, one of my favorite things to do was rip off the governor of our gas-powered golf carts. The result was a cart that constantly accelerated and reached speeds upwards of 25 miles per hour. (Did I just admit to vandalism? Oh well.)

After watching the following video featuring the new Hayabusa Golf Cart on Damn, the speeds I used to hit on my rigged carts was nothing more than child’s play.

Forget about staying on the cart path with that bad boy. The Hayabusa Golf Cart is packed with over 200hp and can reach speeds greater than 100 mph. This monstrosity comes equipped with a six-speed gear box, a four-cylinder 1999 Hayabusa engine, a freakin’ speedometer and a cooling fan.  A COOLING FAN.

Slow play would be a thing of the past if these carts were in every golf course cart barn in the country. You’d likely have to show proof of life insurance at the pro shop, of course.

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