Best Presidents Cup Photo Ever

There are the formal pictures taken of the winners of the Presidents Cup, and then there are the candid shots snapped by players’ wives and posted on Instagram. The latter are much better.

After the U.S. held off a charging International team and was awarded the Cup, some libations might have been consumed – possibly even out of the humongous gold chalice. Thankfully it was emptied before arriving upon Keegan Bradley’s head.

Five random thoughts from this photo, which comes courtesy of Amanda Dufner:

1) Is Jason Dufner #Dufnering? He’s slouched and at least one arm is by his side. Damn Instagram for making you crop photos!

2) We’ve seen a different side of Tiger Woods this week. Fresh Prince high-fiving with Matt Kuchar, allowing girlfriend Lindsey Vonn to place a wild rodent on his neck, and throwing an arm around captain Fred Couples like the two are long-lost college buddies. If Tiger’s back was ailing him during his final round, it doesn’t appear to be bothering him post-game.

3) What is Phil Mickelson looking at? His wife Amy laughing it up with Lindsey Vonn about that time she had to push the skier’s golf cart out of the mud? Matt Kuchar teaching the Fresh Prince handshake to Steve Stricker? Adam Scott trying to break into the room so he can hang with golfers who play at his level?

4) Keegan Bradley loves Howard Stern. Is this an attempt to look just crazy enough that Stern might finally invite him on his radio show? Or is he just trying to cover his ears because Dufner keeps blabbering on and on about the time he actually did appear on Stern’s show.

5) Where’s Jordan Spieth, the 20-year-old rookie? Did they put the kid to bed before bringing out the beers and whatever those fruity drinks are in the back?

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