Brawl Breaks Out In Golf Club’s 19th Hole

Many people take their club tournaments very seriously. Similarly, many golfers take serious offense to be accused of cheating.

In the aftermath of a club championship at Benoni Country Club in the suburbs east of Johannesburg, South Africa this past weekend, those two worlds collided at the 19th hole when a disgruntled member called out his opponent for being a “thief” and “a cheat.”

Twitter user @Darren20041950 posted a tweet on Monday that read, “Wow club champs is a serious business. Mike seems to have won the golf and the fight.”

Mike, we can assume, is the gentleman being called out for cheating, and the one who landed the headbutt and subsequent haymakers.

As various commenters pointed out, this clubhouse bar appears to be on the second story of the building, and considering the headbutt sent to accuser through the glass, it could have ended a lot worse.