Break One Of The Worst Habits In Golf With The StanceCheck iZone

Every golfer wants to strike the ball better. After all, golf is a game of misses, so the smaller the miss, the better the score.

One flaw that haunts many amateur golfers is one that they’re not even aware of: they’re taking their eye off the ball… literally. During the backswing and during the through swing, golfers are losing sight of the most important piece of the equation, and their ball striking struggles mightily as a result.

StanceCheck’s iZone training aid takes the “hit and hope” out of the game; there’s much less “hoping” when you can actually see what is being hit. The iZone training aid acts as an aid to train your eyes to stay on the ball. Removable blacked-out lenses teach your head and body to work together to make sure you’re able to keep the ball in your sight throughout the swing.

Remove and replace the right and left lenses to get your swing and movement under control throughout the swing, resulting in better focus and attention to detail, which translates directly into hitting the ball in the center of the clubface more often. 

Bobby Luzzi, StanceCheck’s vice president of golf operations has been a golf professional for over 30 years. Having played and taught at the highest levels, Luzzi has first-hand knowledge of how head movement can negatively impact a golfer’s ability to strike the ball properly. Using StanceCheck’s zone training aid as a teaching aid, Luzzi has been able to help countless golfers play their best golf by simply improving the way they look at the ball.

Stop letting your vision hold you back from playing your best golf.

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