Bubba Watson Drops ‘Bubba Claus’ Single Feat. Gumby & A Creepy Elf

As with every “great” boy band, the dream comes to an end when one member decides to break away and fly solo. Justin Timberlake had plenty of success with it, and Bubba Watson may be the next to follow the trend.

A staple in the up-and-coming boy band “Golf Boys,” Watson made overalls and button-ups cool for kids everywhere. Sadly, however, it appears he’s decided to go in a different direction. And no, not “One Direction.”

That direction involves a creepy elf, Gumby wearing a Kevin Durant jersey and massive chain, and a Santa Claus suit. Yep.

Watson dropped a new solo track called “Bubba Claus,” where he becomes the heart of Christmas cheer and brings joy to all. Kind of.

The combination of everything in that music video makes it absolutely fantastic. It gets my vote for “Christmas Music Video of the Year,” because that’s a real musical award category that I didn’t just make up on the spot.

“Gumby Durant” dunking on the elf is a very underrated part of the video. Why? Because where will you ever see Gumby dunking on an elf while wearing a Kevin Durant jersey? Nowhere.

I tip my (Santa) hat to Bubba for flying solo on this one. I just hope he doesn’t leave the “Golf Boys” for good. Especially now that Rory McIlroy and Von Miller may (or may not) be joining the group.

If you need more Bubba Claus — which we all do — here’s the video in GIF form. “You’re welcome.”


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