TrackMan Range Making Debut at Carl’s Golfland

TrackMan Introduction video from TrackMan on Vimeo.


The way you experience the driving range is about to change very soon, especially if you’re in the Detroit area. Carl’s Golfland has entered into a partnership with the Danish launch monitor and golf radar company that has become synonymous with practicing and preparing for a round of golf in the best possible way. 

Over the past decade, more and more Trackmans have popped up during the broadcasts of the biggest golf tournaments in the world. The best players in the world need to be super dialed-in to their yardages and swings to give them the best opportunity to win. Now, that technology, which previously cost consumers upwards of $25,000 is being implemented at driving ranges around the world to make your practice session more productive.’s Zak Kozuchowski reported this week that TrackMan Range will make its U.S. debut at Carl’s Golfland in Bloomfield Hills.

Imagine walking onto a driving range, setting your bag down behind a selected spot of turf, and pulling your phone out. You scroll through your apps and select the Trackman app. Once you log on to the app, you’ll be connected to the Trackman server at said range, and then you’ll be prompted to hit a calibration shot. You take a swing, look at your phone once more, and the prompt will ask you, “Was this your shot?” You confirm it is and then you’re locked in.


Now for the next however long you’re at the range, Trackman will provide you the same data the pros are getting for each and every shot with the data hub right on your phone. While you’re checking your numbers, it will also be doing the same exact thing, at the same exact time, for the 75 other golfers hitting balls down range. And you didn’t have to pay a penny extra.

U.S. golfers don’t have to imagine this technology anymore… that is, if they’re willing to visit the Detroit area. Trackman has entered a partnership with Carl’s Golfland, a Michigan-based golf retailer and practice facility, to install its Range Solution at the company’s 15-acre Bloomfield Hills practice facility. The technology will offer golfers real-time stats for launch angle, ball speed, carry and total yards from the Trackman app, which golfers can download for free.

To find out more about what TrackMan Range has in store for golfers, check out their website



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