Cart ‘Demolition Derby’ Causing Thousands In Damages

A Southeastern Ireland golf course has been terrorized by a group of teenagers for months, but thanks to the installation of closed-circuit security cameras, they’re closer to apprehending the vandals than ever before.

Enniscorthy Golf Club in Wexford has been targeted five or six times in the past five months by the group and they returned to wreak more havoc earlier this month only to be caught on camera on April 5.

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According to The Irish Independent, the youths have caused thousands of dollars in damage already to the course and they were running that bill up even higher this month.

“They tried to get buggies on the course the first night but failed,”the club captain, Tim Morrissey, told the newspaper. “They came back again a second time and managed to get them on the course and they’ve done that each time they’ve come back. They’re basically young joyriders in golf buggies.

“We have a tee box on hole six which has a two-foot drop. They have been driving off that. They ran out across the greens and into a bunker. They ran into a gate one night and out through a sheep-wire fence which borders a neighbor’s field another night. It’s basically demolition derby type stuff.

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“They have come back five or six times. They have done considerable damage to buggies out on the course ramming into each other and crashing them into things. They’ve gone across a couple of greens. Luckily they haven’t caused too much damage to the greens but you could easily cause €2,000 or €3,000 to a green tearing it up.

“The buggies themselves would be €3,000 or €4,000 to buy. One buggy owner was unfortunate enough to have it taken twice.”

The club has taken more precaution of late, locking up the carts overnight, installing multiple security cameras and floodlights to deter the teenagers from coming back onto the property. Police are also patrolling the course routinely. 

“They can’t really do a lot more now. The buggies which weren’t secured are gone and the three or four left are chained so they can’t be taken,” Morrisey said. “We put the video out there and hope that they realize someone might now who they are and they won’t come back.”


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