CES 2015: Best Of Belts, Watches & All Things Wearable

Nowadays, it’s as if technology is attached to us. That notion is only going to become more literal in the near future, and it all starts with wearable technology. 

At CES 2015, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other various wearables have gained a lot of steam and attention. 

Here are some of the coolest, most ridiculous, and absolutely genius.

Withings Activité Pop: the affordable smartwatch

The Apple Watch has yet to be released, and when it does hit shelves, it’ll be priced at $350 and up. That’s not exactly a consumer-friendly price, but if you’re looking for a cheaper, less-smart smartwatch, the Withings Activité Pop is perfect.


Coming in at $150, the Activité Pop is a cheaper alternative to competitors. It looks like an everyday watch, but it connects to a designated iPhone app via Bluetooth where all your activity can be analyzed and examined.

It’s not the smartest watch out there, but for a bargain hunter, it’s everything you’ll need. The battery lasts up to eight months and it’s also water-resistant so you can track all the swimming you do. 


Some aren’t a fan of wearing a bracelet or watch on their wrist, which is understandable. For those people, concealing an activity tracker under their feet would be perfect, right? That’s what the creators behind Digitsole were thinking. 

Digitsole is a smart insole for shoes. Not only does it track your steps, calories burned, and distance walked, but it also has a built in thermostat. Yep, this thing can warm up your feet when you’re in the blistering cold. 


By connecting the device to your phone via Bluetooth, you can track all of the necessary statistics you’re interested in … and turn up the heat. It won’t run cheap, though. The Digitsole is priced at $200 per pair, but if you can afford it and live in a cold climate, give it a try.

Belty: The smartbelt

Loosening your belt after eating a big meal on Thanksgiving is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s inconvenient, but not embarrassing (at least to me). Thankfully, if you’re one of those people who hates unbuckling when you feel stuffed, Belty is here to save the day.

Belty is the smartbelt that automatically loosens when you’ve eaten too much … or when you’re just uncomfortable with your belt being too tight.


By connecting to your smartphone — like everything else — you can set your preferences for how tight you want your belt to be when you’re sitting or standing up. Yes, this is a serious product, and yes I would buy one. The Power Laced Nike Air MAGs have met their match.


Solving the issue of concussions in sports is a tough task — there’s no doubt about it. New helmets in football have been utilized, as well as increased precautions with regards to an athlete suffering a head injury.

To make diagnosing a concussion even easier, Force Impact Technologies has developed the FITGuard — the smart mouthguard.

It uses LED lights to gauge the severity of an impact to an athlete’s head. The coach or trainer is able to determine the player’s ability to re-enter the game based on the color on the mouthguard. It’s an idea that could be revolutionary, specifically in football. 

Nothing could be easier than checking the color of a mouthguard to determine the player’s safety.

Sony SmartWatch 3

Yes, this is just one of many smartwatches unveiled at CES, but this one from Sony is gorgeous. The SmartWatch 3 comes in a steel or rubber band and is powererd by Android Wear, giving you access to all the apps you could ask for.


Like many other smartwatches, the SmartWatch 3 tracks your steps and performance throughout the day. At the same time, you’ll get notifications for events such as text messages or reminders.

The steel version will hit shelves in February, but a price point hasn’t been announced just yet.

Here’s a closer look from the floor of CES.


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