Chevy Chase On Golf Now and Then

As any true golf fan knows, Chevy Chase plays Ty Webb in the classic film “Caddyshack.” 

As any true modern comedy fan, Chase also is a star on the cult NBC favorite “Community.” 

On Thursday, those two worlds collided at Greendale Community College. In last night’s episode, Chase’s annoying, ignorantly bigoted Pierce Hawthorne spent the day with Joel McHale’s ringleader character, Jeff Winger, under duress. In the end, Jeff and Pierce see eye to eye on a few things, including golf.

“You know what sport I never got? Golf,” Pierce says. “I’ve belonged to a dozen country clubs, and I’ve never played. I just hit on the waitresses.”

The irony is clear to the Chevy Chase aficionado and another clever line in the underappreciated show’s history. 

Of course, Ty Webb is a better character.