The Coldest Golf Tournament On Earth

Every winter, there are any number of Polar Bear Opens, Santa Classics and winter golf tournaments taking place all over the world, however, this one in Russia takes the cake. 

The Baikal Prize Open Ice Golf Tournament has a few things going for it that allows this event to take that title without question. First, it’s played on a frozen lake in Siberia; second, the course is 3-4 miles long; and third, did we mention that it’s played on a frozen lake in Siberia?

ClickOn Golf’s Erica Bloom had more information about the event

Each year the Baikal Prize Open Ice Golf Tournament is played over two days in frosty Listvyanka, Russia, in March. The tournament is played on 60cm thick ice and the course itself is 2-3km long.

This year for the 7th annual tournament, 50 participants came out and played, all of which were expected to follow the regular rules of golf administered by the R&A. Players are even expected to comply with the anti-doping policy and adhere to golf etiquette. The only thing that’s different (besides playing on solid ice) is the color of the golf ball, which are pink so they can be seen in every nook and cranny. Bubba Watson would fit right in.

The Masters may be a month away, but you won’t see any Azalea flowers on this course any time soon. Instead you’ll see bunkers and water hazards replaced with surface cracks and ice hummocks.

The ice golf tournament is not only time for competition, it’s an opportunity to admire the stunning views, including beautiful sunsets over the snow caps. So while you get to play one of the most extreme versions of golf, you get to experience the natural beauty of Russia.

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