College Football Coach Bashes Golf In Honest Rant

Mike Leach is the head football coach at Washington State University and he is not a fan of the great game of golf. He made that much clear during a media availability on Tuesday where Leach gave a two-minute rant that turned out to be a refreshingly honest and hilarious look at the game from an outsider.

Leach is no stranger to taking a stand. Any time he’s in front of a microphone or camera, Leach has proven to be gold.

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Do you have hypothetical questions about who would win in a battle between pirates and Vikings? Leach has an answer. Need some dating advice? Leach has some suggestions. Want to know his thoughts on Bigfoot? He’ll oblige.  

On Tuesday, the topic of golf came up and as he is wont to do, he didn’t mince words on the subject.

“I hate golf,” he said. “It’s boring. I don’t care where that ball goes.”

Leach mentioned that his father and brother are both avid golfers, and as an outsider to the sport, we can’t help but admit that Leach makes a couple of decent points about golf, golfers and the irrational confidence many of us have in our own abilities.

“They’ll line up over the ball and they’ll say they’re going to do something that you can’t do with a sniper rifle and a scope, but they’re going to do it with a stick and a ball,” Leach said. “They’ll say ‘OK if I just back off on my left and put a little more weight on my right, the ball will go right there.’

“No, it won’t. I mean it might be a good shot, it might be a great shot, but it’s not going to go there.”

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The other parts about practicing your swing everywhere you go? More than a few golfers would have to put their hand up and admit to having worked on their swing in an uncommon area a time or two. And the bit about promising to play nine holes and having it turn into 18 without much convincing rings true all too often.

Okay, Coach, we’ll give this one to you. You’ve got us golfers pegged pretty good.


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