Company Encourages Golfers Wear Crash Helmets

File this under “things that will never happen”: a United Kingdom-based employment agency is advocating for golfers to begin wearing protective crash helmets while they play golf in order to cut down the costs on insurance companies who want to stop paying out disability for injured golfers, according to is hoping golfers wearing helmets will become as universally accepted as cyclists wearing headgear. The company estimates that between 16-41% of amateur golfers are injured each year by errant golf balls with those injuries costing would-be employees days off of work. 

“If you look at a selection of other sports played in the UK, both contact and non-contact, there are measures in place to reduce injury,” health and safety expert Chris Hall told GolfPunk. “For example, many amateur and lower-league rugby clubs insist on protective helmets; martial arts classes provide pads for their students – and this is not just to prevent injury. It’s because financially, it makes sense for clubs (and their insurers) to prove they’ve reduced harm wherever possible.

“Public safety campaigns are crucial to changing the status quo. Cyclists are aware that helmet use is recommended. With enough support from insurers, businesses and health & safety professionals, a similar scenario could happen with golfers.”

According to GolfPunk, golf has a 1.8 injuries per every 1,000 golfers while rugby, a sport many consider to have a much higher injury rate averages only 1.5 per 1,000 participants. 

Hall hopes that helmets will become as everpresent as a towel on your bag, although there is no government-enforced mandates or suggestions at this time.