Courses Taking Steps To Mitigate Risk Of Coronavirus Infection

Golf courses around the country and world are taking precautions when it comes to mitigating the risk associated with the coronavirus pandemic, but one course in Danbury, Connecticut, is leading the way.

Richter Park Golf Course and golf course superintendent Robert Dorsch have taken some pretty innovative steps to avoid golfers making unnecessary contact with the flagstick or cup.

“In an effort to keep our customers safe, but also provide a recreational outlet we have raised all the cups 1″ above the surface at Richter Park,” Dorsch wrote on Twitter earlier this week. “Putt until you hit the cup, and then pick up ball and move on. No need to touch the flagstick.”

Dorsch took more precautions as well by removing bunker rakes, ball washers and garbage cans to limit the possible spread through inanimate objects.

Richter Park isn’t the only course thinking outside the box, however. Golf courses around the country are enacting measures to decrease the possibility of infection while golf can still be enjoyed. 

For example, Nine Springs Golf Course in Fitchburg, Wisconsin is enacting an “honor box” as opposed to handling cash and cards by staff members and Eisenhower Park municipal golf course in Westbury, New York is dead-bolting doors open so that hand-to-door contact is not required. 

Courses and superintendents around the country and world are continuing to make lemonade out of the lemons the coronavirus pandemic has handed out. Let us know what your course is doing to mitigate risk in the comments below.