Coolest Things At 2019 PGA Show Demo Day

The annual PGA Merchandise Show is a practice in being overwhelmed. 

Every year, the entire golf industry descends upon Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center to share one million square feet of exhibition space that includes 10 miles of aisles that run the gamut from training aids to original equipment manufacturers to startups.

Before the circus inside gets underway, however, Demo Day allows industry professionals to stretch their legs around the 42-acre Orange County National Golf Center, which includes nearly 100 golf companies occupying more than 200 hitting bays. 

Here are the coolest things we saw at the 2019 edition of Demo Day on Tuesday.

SwingU’s Live Trick Shot Show

Of course we have to start off by tooting our own horn. Two of golf social media’s biggest influencers, Josh Kelley and Ryan Rustand wowed the assembled crowd with their unique array of golf trick shots. 

From juggling to standing on one another’s shoulders, the SwingU booth definitely made an impression on Tuesday.

Sun Mountain FinnCycle

The industry movement to make the time between shots more fun has led to the introduction of Sun Mountain’s FinnCycle, a two-wheel vehicle that will get you from tee to green in no time at all. 

The big draw to this, aside from its fun quotient, is its ability to speed up play. Sun Mountain is marketing the FinnCycle on the sub-2 hour round.

Club Car Tempo Walk

For those not worried about getting around the course in as little time as possible, the Tempo Walk is the perfect way to enjoy your round without the hassle of carrying your bag. 

The Tempo Walk can do everything from carry your bag, to hold your drink and even charge your cell phone. Learn more here.

Strike Spray

Knowledge is power, and the days of guessing where you hit the ball on the face are over. Strike Spray gives players immediate feedback as to where they are hitting the ball, which allows for smarter learning and adjustments to hit the ball out of the center of the face. 

The top reason amateurs lose distance is off-center hits. Strike Spray helps you to self-diagnose with certainty.

ToughLie 360

How many perfectly flat lies do you get on the course? Not many. The ToughLie 360 makes your practice worthwhile by simulating the different stances and angles you will be playing from during a round of golf.

Check out ToughLie 360’s website here