Couple Kicked Out Of Golf Club Over Tee Time Dispute

A couple was expelled from their California country club as a result of fallout that began over a tee time dispute.

Meredith and Tim Orman were expelled from San San Joaquin Country Club in Fresno after more than a decade at the club for what the club deemed to be conduct that was “improper and likely to endanger the welfare, safety, harmony or good reputation of the Club or its Members.”


According to The Fresno Bee, Meredith Orman wanted to play golf too early on Saturday mornings — before 10 a.m. — and since the couples’ membership was made in her husband’s name, he was deemed to be the only “member” who was able to play before the designated time. The Orman’s could have switched the name under which the membership was held, but that would have prevented the golfing couple to play together, as they would prefer.

“I just think women should be treated equal,” Meredith Orman said. “Is that asking too much?”

Their other option was to open up another membership in Meredith’s name. Having paid a $10,000 initiation fee in 2006 and $510 monthly dues and $150 quarterly food and drink minimums for over a decade, doubling their dues was not an option. 

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The dispute ignited over the club’s policy that only men could play prior to 11 a.m. on Saturday mornings. The designated time was moved to 10 a.m. in 2014, and then last August, the club changed its verbiage from “MEN ONLY PLAY” to “MEMBERS ONLY PLAY,” which is where the Orman’s predicament fell with whose name the membership was under.

“Prior to the rule change (in August) it was overt discrimination,” Tim Orman said. “After the rule change, it was disparate treatment, which is still discrimination.”

“It’s a word game, and I called them out on it,” Meredith Orman said.

Meredith had been critical of the policy dating back to 2013, and in November of last year, she took to social media to plead her case publicly. 


From that post came a video furnished by her brother, Tal Cloud, a local businessman and former Congressional candidate. 

Cloud’s video was alluded to in the Orman’s expulsion letter, which intimated that the couple worked in conjunction on a campaign to smear the club’s reputation on social media. 

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Whether the club’s reputation was damaged or not is no longer the issue of the Ormans. Despite living a 90-second cart ride from the course, they are no longer members of the club. 

“This was pure retaliation for us creating resentment in the club over the antiquated, discriminatory rules,” Tim Orman said.


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