Couple Names Baby After Tiger Following Masters Bet

Golf fans around the world have likely broached the idea with their significant others of naming their children after their favorite professional golfers, but a couple from Texas is actually following through on it in the aftermath of Tiger Woods’ Masters victory last Sunday.

According to The New York Post, Trey and Denise Little made a bet — with a fully executed contract — that if Woods won the 2019 Masters, the couple would name their unborn son after the 15- time major champion. 

“This whole thing started almost as a joke, then it turned into something really real, really quick,” Trey told The Post. “We both wanted a unique name, and I’ve always been a huge golf fan.”

Bored at work ahead of The Masters Tournament, Trey mocked up a contract that put his request into writing.

“If Tiger Woods wins the Masters this week, I (father) get to have the option of naming our son Tiger Little,” the document read.

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In the notables section, Trey outlined Woods’ odds as well as his major championship drought, ending with a bullet point that pointed out the incredible nature of the comeback.

“She laughed — and then she signed,” Trey said.

With the tournament in the balance on Sunday, Trey and Denise watched the finish together, celebrating the victory and the making the naming of their first child official.

“We went crazy, we were so happy,” Trey said. “We were so emotional just watching him win. We would have had the same reaction even if our son’s name wasn’t involved!”

As a result, coming in September… Tiger Little. The couple has options still, coming down on a middle name of Julian.

“He could always go by T.J.,” Trey said.