Daly Signs Crazy Autograph At Augusta Meet & Greet

Masters week in Augusta, Georgia is unlike any other week of the year. 

A relatively small town is bombarded by rabid golf fans making a spiritual journey to a bucket-list destination. The history and tradition of the week is unsurpassed in golf in the United States, but there is one slightly less buttoned-up tradition that takes place right down the street from Augusta National Golf Club.

John Daly played in 12 Masters Tournaments between 1992 and 2006, but in the years since ’06, Big John made the pilgrimage to Augusta anyway, setting up shop outside of his RV in the parking lot of the Hooters on Washington Road.

The chain grill known for its wings and waitresses is as large a juxtaposition from the green jackets of Augusta National as a single mile of pavement can provide, and that was never more personified than a picture posted by Daly himself on Monday of Masters week.

In a scene out of “Happy Gilmore,” Daly put his John Hancock not on a piece of paper or merchandise, but the skin of one of his fans. 

“All I can say is … I love my life!” Daly captioned the picture of his autograph next to a new Masters tattoo on a female patron’s behind. 

He hashtagged the post “MastersWeek,” “IHaveTheBestFans,” ItWasHerIdea,” “ShowingEveryoneHerNewInk,” and “ILoveMyFans,” among others.