David Leadbetter Signs Agreement with WGT Golf Game

One of the most widely played golf video games on the Internet is the World Golf Tour (WGT) simulation, where gamers can “play” on some of the world’s best courses and Tour stops. Thanks to a new agreement reached with golf swing guru David Leadbetter, fans of the WGT game can now get help on their real-life golf swing.

According to BroadwayWorld.com, Leadbetter hopes that by helping gamers work their way around a virtual golf course by focusing on course management and strategy, those players will be able to use the same skills during their next real-life round.

“Real-world golfers tend to focus a lot on swing mechanics,” Leadbetter told the website. “[Doing so] is often at the expense of the mental side of golf. […] With virtual golf, players focus less on the swing and more on strategy and course management. I believe that virtual golf on WGT can meaningfully improve a player’s real golf experience and can contribute to lower scores.”

WGT is the Internet’s #1 virtual golf game and allows players to compete on virtual courses in HD-quality graphic resolution. More than seven million golfers have registered to use WGT since its launch.

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