Derek Jeter Has A Golf-ish Story That Would Embarass Jimmy Fallon

The always-entertaining Jimmy Fallon welcomed Yankees legend Derek Jeter onto “The Tonight Show” Thursday night, and naturally the two chatted about what the recently-retired Jeter could do with all his newfound free time. Spend more time with his charity, the Turn 2 Foundation, Fallon suggested.

The host then mentioned that he had a really fun time at one of Jeter’s charity golf tournaments. But he quickly followed up by saying, “Don’t tell that story.”

Jeter obliged, but Fallon shed a little light on what happened this fateful night.

“I woke up and I made the flight. That’s all that matters,” Fallon said.

“He got home … with a little assistance from his mom,” Jeter said.

“Yeah, my mom had to call and wake me up at the hotel,” Fallon said.

Check out the exchange at the 2:53 mark:

We don’t want to assume, but it kind of sounds like Fallon had a night somewhat resembling Rory McIlroy and Team Europe’s on Sunday.


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