Diaster: Perfect Game When Playing An Unfamiliar Course

You and your normal group are playing an away game with very little or no knowledge of the course. What is a fair game? Try playing “Disaster!”

Disaster is a fun way to wager points based on poor play without having to root for poor play from your opponents. The game is driven by points being accumulated for incurring unfortunate scenarios. For example, finding a water hazard is 1 point and hitting a ball out of bounds could be 2 points. 

The “disasters” and the point value they are worth is set by the group before play begins. If you are on a buddy trip in Florida and play a course with plenty of water hazards, perhaps you’d keep the point value lower. Have some fun and alter the game based on where you are playing. If you find yourself playing in Scotland, add a disaster category for leaving a ball in the bunker, for example.

Are good shots rewarded in this game? Of course, if you make par or better on the hole where you incur a disaster, all points are erased. always stay in the hole and par can save you.

Best of all, this game can be played with 2 to 20 (or more) golfers, and does not require handicaps. Players pay out the difference in point totals.

Below is a quick guide for setting points:

  • Water Ball – 1 point
  • Out Of Bounds – 2 points
  • 3 Putt – 1 point
  • More Than 3 Putts – 5 points
  • Bunker – 1 point
  • Leaving A Shot In The Bunker – 2 points
  • Going Bunker To Bunker – 1 point
  • Punch Shot Out Of The Trees That Hits A Tree – 1 point
  • Optional Play: Subtract 1 point for a birdie, 3 for an eagle, etc.