Did Barkley Put On Worst Pro-Am Performance Ever?

We knew that Charles Barkley’s golf game was bad, but this is a whole other level. Competing this week at the American Century Championship — which mercifully has a double-bogey maximum score — finished an impressively “turrible” -100. Keep in mind that a modified Stableford scoring system was employed, meaning you wanted to gain points. 

At first glance you think Sir Charles was pretty consistent — 108, 106, 106 — until you realize he couldn’t make worse than a double. He made just four bogeys over 54 holes and zero — count ’em, zero — pars.

That has to be the worst performance in an event in the history of golf. His -100 mark was the worst in the field by 30 points over Larry the Cable Guy. Larry carded four pars and 13 bogeys to edge out Barkley. Maybe both of them should try playing left handed. 


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