Michelle Wie Eats Live Squid

To see the odd and unusual, but fascinating, life of a professional golfer, this is precisely why you follow Michelle Wie on Twitter.

She was back in her parents’ homeland of South Korea recently for the LPGA HanaBank Championship in Incheon, South Korea. The 24-year-old, who was born in Hawaii, felt so at home there that she partook in the local customs. Like eating live squid.

Live squid!!!!! #eeek #yummmm

Then, being the gracious host that she is, Wie convinced Jamie Kuhn, who works with Wie’s IMG agency, to also put live organisms into her mouth.

Welcome to the family @jamiekuhn ! #honorarykorean #livesquid #seoul

Kuhn is definitely a trooper. Had Wie put all this food in front of us, we’d have kindly walked out of the restaurant and located the nearest McDonald’s.

Seafood: Korean style!! #foodheaven

Nonetheless, Wie appears happy to be back in South Korea, and the tournament organizers appear happy to have her present.

h/t Kyle Porter

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