Dude, Where’s My Car? Poulter Gets Courtesy Car Towed

God bless the poor parking lot attendant who made the mistake of towing Ian Poulter’s courtesy car on Friday night. 

Poulter went out to dinner after the second round of the Farmers Insurance Open, but when he returned from dining, he found his courtesy car was missing. 

“There were 60 spots in the car park. We walked 40 yards to a restaurant, but apparently that restaurant that we ate in wasn’t quite in the vicinity of where I should have parked,” Poulter told reporters on Saturday. “The kind security guard who was standing by my car as I parked waited until I left and then called a tow truck to tow it away so he could make some money.”

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To make matters worse, Poulter couldn’t even get the car from impound since it technically wasn’t his and ended up having to take a cab home. 

“Uber to the rescue,” Poulter said. 

All things considered, it could have been worse for Poulter. At least it wasn’t one of his precious Ferraris


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