Dunk Contest Champ Zach LaVine No Slouch At The Range, Either

Over the weekend, Minnesota Timberwolves 19-year-old soon-to-be superstar Zach LaVine electrified NBA All-Star Weekend crowds with his incredible performance at the Slam Dunk Contest.  

If you’re like me and missed it, you missed something pretty epic. The name “Michael Jordan” was even floated around by some describing the events.

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Here’s a look: 

Impressive. Truly, impressive. 

If you scroll through LaVine’s Instagram account, however, you find something equally as impressive — his golf swing: 

I hit it like a baseball

A video posted by Zach LaVine (@zachlavine8) on

Okay, the swing could certainly use some work but it’s really not bad! And if the guy is coordinated enough to be throwing down dunks like he was, I’m pretty sure he only needs a couple lessons on the links. Then, maybe, he’ll be reminding us of Michael Jordan there, too. 

[h/t Golf Channel]


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