Enormous Alligator Halts Play At Golf Course

As with any game that is played outside, golfers are introduced to the elements with every swing of the club. Of course, dealing with soggy fairways or a stiff breeze are a much more welcomed challenge than what held up play on Friday at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. 

U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Jake Sherrock got quite the shock while playing Bay Palms Golf Course. An alligator, estimated by Sherrock and his group to be 12 feet in length, meandered through the golf course as some of the country’s best and brightest marveled at the creature.

“That is a monster.  An absolute monster,” someone on video can be heard saying. “This is like a freaking dinosaur, man.”

The gator, affectionately nicknamed “Elvis,” is well known around the base, which is surrounded on three sides by the Tampa Bay. Despite the knowledge that a gator that size is in the area, seeing it cross a fairway and hold up play is quite another.

Apparently, Elvis is alive.