Epic Golf vs. Frisbee Trick Shot Battle

I’m beginning to believe that golf trick shots are taking over the Internet. Seriously. With that said, I have absolutely no problem with it, because they’re damn cool. 

In this latest video, a couple of Frisbee players challenge a local golf pro to a trick shot battle (with some random, strange golfing shark). You be the judge of who comes out on top:

Throwing a Frisbee and getting it to go where you want is really (really) hard, just like hitting a golf ball. The Frisbee trick shots are insanely good, and I’d have to give the edge to them in this match-up. (I still don’t know how he was able to roll the Frisbee into the garbage can from what appears to be more than 100 yards out.)

One thing that would have made this video perfect is if the shark hit a few trick shots as well … because who doesn’t love a golfing shark?

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